Getting a Natural Look

Enjoy the great feeling of waking up looking beautifully.

Loraine-"Dale" Hall is able to give her clients the ease of looking their best without the hassles of putting on makeup. Permanent Makeup allows a daily routine worry free of smudging and reapplying. Dale works with you to select the look you want, "This is a joint effort, I try to give people more than they expect". Since 1992 Dale has been tattooing in the San Diego North County area. Dale maintains an annual certification in Blood Born Pathogens, is a member of The Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals ( SPCP ), The American Academy of Micropigmentation ( AAM ), is nationally certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation ( DAAM ) and is a charter member of The National Areola and Nipple Tattoo Registry ( NANTR ).
permanent makeup certification licenses

Permanent Makeup San Diego

"No one will ever know

you are tattooed unless

you tell them."