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Dale Hall

Loraine-"Dale" Hall began her career as a licensed esthetician, providing excellent skincare and cosmetic tattooing in the North County area of San Diego under the direction of a renowned plastic surgeon and dermatologist. Dale soon discovered her desire to fill a void within the spa industry by creating a center that not only provided first-class, professional service and treatments, but also did so within a fun, friendly and relationship-driven environment. In February 2004, she opened spaViolet - a spa for serious skincare and serious fun.

Dale is highly regarded by many local and regional plastic surgeons, dermatologists and professionals in the health, medical and beauty industries for her work as a specialist in paramedical esthetician procedures. She is also continually sought-after by clients for her meticulous, no-nonsense approach to skincare and her ability to develop custom regimens that work. Dale's client relationships are solid gold because she tells it like it is, while nurturing them through the process.

Since 1992, Dale has utilized her tattooing skills for such worthy causes as Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, DOCS and has donated her talents to tattooing areola re-pigmentation for breast cancer survivors and reconstructive tattooing for burn survivors and alopecians. Because of her close attention to detail and unique expertise in this area, Dale is able to assure clients that "no one will ever know you are tattooed unless you tell them." She also offers 20 percent off all services for cancer survivors.

Additionally, Dale has a niche specialty in permanent makeup, also known as cosmetic tattooing. This technique of cosmetic enhancement includes the permanent tattooing of eyebrows, eyeliner, and re-pigmentation of the skin.

Licenses and Certifications

Dale attended the University of California in San Diego and later became a graduate of Palomar Institute of Cosmetology. Aside from licenses and certifications from the AIPCT, SPCP, AAM, DAAM, NANTR and Certification in Blood Born Pathogens, Dale has advanced skin care training in permanent makeup color theory through the AIPCT, apprenticed with tattoo artists in Los Angeles, CA and Florida and has advanced skin care through Physician's Choice of Arizona ( PCA ), Dermegenesis, Skinceuticals, Dermese, Dermalogica and Revision. She also co-owns an on line skin care site www.shopspaViolet.com.

License of Bloodborne Pathogens

In the News and Press

Dale is privileged to receive referrals from several plastic surgeons and dermatologists in the San Diego area. Listed below are a few :

Dr. Batra
Coastal Plastic Surgeons
12264 El Camino Real
Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 847-0800

Dr. Camberos
Coastal Plastic Surgeons
12264 El Camino Real
Suite 101
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 847-0800

Dr. Karam
11943 El Camino Real Suite 100
San Diego, CA 92130
(858) 259-3223

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Dale changed my life for the better. C.J.

Getting my eyes and eyebrows tattooed by Dale at Spa Violet was one of the best decisions I've ever made! I have alopecia areata, an autoimmune condition that causes my hair to fall out, eyebrows and eyelashes included. Being pale and almost hairless, I look like an albino without some paint on my face. But, thanks to Dale's amazing artistry, my face is always perfectly done-up (in a totally natural, non-skanky way). D

Dale tattooed my eyebrows, did a wonderful job, love the way they look. Two ladies I work with have been to Dale for eyebrow tattoo and they both look great. I went on their recommendation and was not disappointed. Dale took here time and they came out perfect. I've seen some scary eyebrow "jobs" mine are fantastic, why did I wait so long........ R.U.

Dale gave my eyes what I feel I should have been born having. They look perfect and natural. I can't say enough good things about Dale and her salon's services and the professional staff! J.S

I saw from the pictures in her portfolio, her eyebrow work was sensational. Individual brush strokes, beautiful artistic talent, an eye for what shape goes with what face. I was so happy to finally be in the right place. Dale applied temporary shapes for me to see, so that I could first see the finished result. She is amazing, talented and truly knows her work as the best Ive ever seen. A few hours later, I was so happy I cried on the way home. I have the most beautiful brows which emulate 2 of my six daughters' natural brows. IF YOU WANT PERMANENT MAKEUP, THIS IS YOUR PLACE. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. Dale, you are amazing, awesome artistic talent! I love your work, love what you did for me and will be back and giving gifts to my daughters when they ask! I will forever refer you. G.L.

Dale has great technique and spent a lot of time ensuring that my brows were perfect!

Dale did permanent makeup on my eyes and i love it, Dale is by far the best in San Diego County for permanent makeup! M.B.

I have done business with Spa Violet for over 5 years and recently had Dale tattoo my eyebrows and eyelids. Several people in the biz have carefully examined the work and said it was the some of the best they had seen. J.H.

Dale recently tattooed my eyebrows which were getting quite thin and sparse, she had first done them about 10 years ago and I had waited way too long to get a re-touch. I love what she did and somehow she managed to make me look younger, as if I'd had a subtle brow lift! My hairdresser noticed and was incredibly impresssed. The process wasn't painful because Dale applied a topical antisthetic throughout the tattooing, in fact I barely felt it. C. J.

Last week Dale at Spa Violet tattoed my eyebrows, I couldn't be happier with the results! My eyebrows are perfect, it gave my face an instant lift. I had an appointment the next day at a plastic surgeons office and his staff was amazed too - when a cosmetic surgeon and his staff raves and asks for referral's it's the ultimate compliment! The procedure took about 3 hours and was painless, Dale uses great numbing products and is a cosumate pro. I found it extreemly relaxing! I wish I had done this years ago!!! B.H.

Dale reviewed various styles and ink colors and was very knowledgeable and thorough in describing the tattooing and recovery process. The actual application took about an hour. Eyes were a bit swollen for a couple of days, but it simply looked like a bad case of allergies. Now ... I have eyes! :) The upper lid has the 'dots' between the eye lashes so the line itself is not noticeable, but the lashes are enhanced. The lower lid has a soft line which resembles a lite application of eyeliner. Dale did a great job and I'd highly recommend this to all women who seek definition to their eyes, but are tired of the lengthy application process.T.M

If you are considering permanent make-up then you must visit Dale Hall the owner and esthetician extraordinaire at spa Violet. She is incredibly talented and truly an artist when it comes to permanent make-up. She worked her magic on my eyes and now I wake up with perfect eye-liner. It looks very natural and soft. S.N.