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Permanent Assistance

Dale Hall, spaViolet and Rock to Stop

spaViolet owner Dale Hall realy does live by her spa's motto: "Serious skin care, serious fun!" With co-founder Michelle Renee, Hall just threw the first Rock to Stop, a rock 'n' roll art benefit to help stop violence. The benefit featured art from The Celebrity Vault in Beverly Hills and music from the band Married by Elvis. Hall described it as an event that had "bitchin" artwork and good music with a happy, good vibe going toward something that is not so good." All funds raised go toweard organizations that support survivors of violent trauma and to families who are dealing with the repercussions of violent tragedies.

At the spa, Hall spends about 75 percent of her time completing cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup, to cosmetically enhance features and\or permanently camouflage imperfections for clients. Her donated procedrues have included drawing in eyebrows for a woman who is losing her eyesight and areola re-pigmentation for breast cancer survivors. She also assisted a woman with Parkinson's disease who missed wearing eyeliner. "She was from Texas," Hall says with a Southern accent. "And liked her makeup."

She passionately points out that permanent makeup need not be a superficial thing, but something that helps women feel better about themselves and their appearance. Hall adds, "And if it is [superficial], is that so wrong?" Soon Hall will be launching Miss Violet's Tea and Antioxidant/Anti-Aging line of body products, with a percentage of the proceeds going to Rock to Stop.

"All of us need to take an interest,"says Hall. "I don't want to be didactic, but it's important to get out of our little bubble." Watch out for Rock to Stop on April 24, 2008.

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